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Don't over do it!

This week I taught Kindergarten science.

Those 6 words, they're dangerous in that order. Kindergarteners, whaaaa!

This week my computer busted.

5 words of frustration.

Not backed up, huh?

Nope. 4 words that make me wish I could crawl in bed and cry for the rest of the week instead of rewrite all those stinkin take homes and dumb portfolio! Bah! Wish I would have procrastinated earlier. Ha ha!

Math test tomorrow.

3 words that mean nothing without motivation, gah.

"You're mean"

2 words that you haven't seen mister, so don't tell me I'm mean yet.


1 final word. Sometimes I tell myself that's what I'm doing ... you're just overreacting, it's not a big deal, nobody else would make such a big deal, just chill! Good thing to tell myself, right? But what about all those should've-reacted-but-didn't times? There must be some kind of counteractant. Welp, probably gonna find out soon.

Sewing Strategies and Tragedies

I bought some bright, summery material from JoAnn's the other day and looked through my mom's old patterns and found some stylish high waisted shorts and a shirt, to become a sundress. Crazy how things come back in style, yikes! When I was young, first and second grades, I would sew my own shorts ... bright fish print, strawberries, tie-dye, lots of kid colors. I'd start a project and sometimes never finish it. I'd get bored, poke myself with the needle, or the sewing machine would jam. It's hard to wait when you want something so bad, sometimes there were even tears of frustration. It became much easier, quicker and sometimes safer to just put it on the shelf and walk away. I'm gonna try it again. Maybe the past sixteen years sprinkled some spice, formed a few callous', and extra patience for the jams. We'll see, see, see!

Teacher Appreciation Week

I took another one of those personality tests the other day for a class. ENFP. Extravert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceptive. After reading the feedback I was a tad offended. Really? A project quitter, a need to be liked, errors in judgement, difficulty following through, may become bored, oblivious to detailed tasks, not logical but sensitive and ingenuous. Wowee! But when an ENFP finds their purpose they are happier than any other personality. I love having a purpose, a need to help or a space to fill. Today was teacher appreciation chapel at the school where I work. My 3rd and 4th graders made this MASSIVE poster card and gave it to me. Signed by each of them. Could a job be any better? I keep encouraging friends that teaching is the best, always telling story after story about my kids at school. Maybe my friend Jacqueline will be a teacher, she'd make an awesome teacher, or my friend Kate. I'm excited to graduate (someday), yes, but really I love what I'm doing right now. …

Independence in Reverse

When we lived in India, Kara and myself, every Friday evening after vespers we would saunter home enjoying the coolness of the dark. When we reached our home, we'd light a candle or two, heat up the water for hot drinks, and grab the hymnal. We'd sing in the dark of our house until our voices were gone, memorizing our favorite hymns. We're no church choir singers or anything, but two voices singing in harmony ... ah, it can't be beat. I remember the times we disagreed, they were long, silent, and lonely times, those times. I remember one time in particular, (I said it was Kara's fault, I think it really ended up being mine) but WE lost our mobile phone. So, the day when my parents usually call, I had no call from home. I was a jerk that day and Kara didn't put up with it. So we locked ourselves in our rooms, cause we were stubborn. But after 40 minutes I was ready to apologize and be friends again. But Kara kept her door closed. 2 hours went by. Then 4 hours. W…

Thumbs ... down.

And this is my current mood about school. 

So over it!