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Camp Week 1

Camp is too much like I know it, but not at all what it's been. I know the meetings, early mornings, cold nights, three large meals a day plus desserts that stress me to run further, lift more, ride longer, and I know the songs, the dramas, and the uniforms. I had not expected to be in a wet suit everyday, carrying skate park equipment, launching a sailboat without any kind of vehicle, setting anchors, backing up trailers, 20 minutes-a-day internet regulation, not knowing what to say to new people or feeling lonely in such a large mass. My best friends are scattered all over the west coast, I don't like walking into worship and not knowing where to sit. But it feels good to not care what anyone thinks since I don't do my hair, or makeup, or put outfits together. After 8 summers in almost every area of camp, I have nothing left to prove and it feels good. But I miss my friends, I miss the challenging conversations, but I'm enjoying spending a lot more time listening to …