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1 Quick Trip

40 hours from here to Riverside SDA School.  26 hours of flying.  8 airplanes.  11 stops.  #1 drug: Dramamine.  34 new nursing friends.  4 days of sunburn.  1 mosquito net covered bed shared with family.  0 malaria meds.  24 delicious rice and curry meals.  750 immunizations.  3 Vacation Bible School programs a day.  1 week.  5th time to Delhi.  95 degrees.  88% humidity.  1 soccer game and 1 pair of split shorts.  1 short trip.


Making the trip back home! We're in Korea now and I'll be getting in touch with you all so soon! Thanks for the prayers!

6 hours till India

I'm leaving for India in approximately 6 hours. Am I ready? I think so, I have my camera, my ipod, my new book in Spanish, Tres tazas de te (also packed my Spanish-English dictionary), my passport, toothbrush, and enough underwear to last for two weeks, I think. I hope, but better double check. My little sister left for Africa today! Is that safe? Safe for Africa, I mean. I'm not too sure. My books by Brennan Manning (Furious Longing of God and How to Think Like Jesus) were suppose to come in the mail today, but didn't. They'll probably come as I'm boarding my plane for Korea in Seattle. I'll be in India Friday evening, having vespers at my school there, with my students, and the family I spent my year with. Then Friday night I'll sleep in the house with my family, all cuddled in the same cardboard cushion bed, munching on the dried fruit I'm bringing. With fresh baked banana cake my Ama said she would make when I talked to her last week. Here's the…

When I feel alone I like to pray this.

God, you are rocking my world right now. It is amazing to see Your hand on my life. When I'm flakey, You are faithful and true. When I'm weak, You are the rock. When I'm distressed, You are the comforter. Afraid? Protector. Lost? Keeper. Broken? Healer. Unacceptable? Righteous. Sinner? Holy. You are everything I need. Everything in this life could pass away so quickly, I am here on Earth only temporarily but I can know that when I trust in You, give You my life, You will use me for Kingdom purposes. I am amazed. In awe. Lord, you are beautiful. I love you.

Fun rooms

I'm not one to post such dreamy ideas about the future, but these are sort of fun.
Hmm, in case of one-too-many boys.
Or lucky enough to have 3 girls.
Maybe trying to pack 'em in. 4 to a wall?
Or let's be adventurous... inside the living room.

30: the new 20

This week I’ve been humored with instinct. Not the disappearance of unique animals but the involuntary responses like the heart that keeps pumping, the lungs that keep inhaling, and the muscles that do whatever they wanna do, whenever they wanna do it. Maybe that’s why I haven’t blogged in a while, it’s just an instinct. Like the instinct to defend the basketball in an intense game, or the instinct to do a little jig after acing a math test, or the instinct to spend time with someone who cares, maybe it’s the instinct to go or maybe to stay, an instinct to share or to be selfish. It’s our nature, we wouldn’t do well without instinct. Lately, my instinct has been telling me to be young, and that 30 is the new 20. And if that’s the case, there’s some crazy living to be had these next couple 20 years.