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It's like communicating in a second language.
The mother tongue is most efficient to say important things. It's not shameful to speak English where English is the prominent language. But if a German evangelist went to India to share Jesus, the connection wouldn't be there, it would be hard to express the details needed to really share and it might be a little uncomfortable. Language can be learned, but the time it would take to fill one's mind with all the words needed to express such incredible things in a different culture could take a life time.
It's a humbling thought, but for now the English will have a harder impact on the English.

Words of wisdom

"God won't let any experience go to waste."

These words bring assurance and provide incredible peace. It's a phrase that I believe will be life changing.

Without Guilt

Fixed in the timeline of my childhood is a great deal of confusion and guilt. If it took longer than 10 seconds to decide if I wanted regular milk or chocolate milk it was too long. If I couldn't choose between the yellow or the blue shoes I needed to make a decision, now. If I changed my outfit 5 times before leaving for school, it was 4 outfits too many. I learned the importance of promptness and if that wasn't possible guilt was. Guilt has been a burden for far too long. Yesterday I was talking with a very inspiring camp staff. Somehow we began talking about school and that I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life but I needed to figure it out before applying to WWU in the fall. She asked me why I needed to figure it out so quickly. Well, hello! Obviously I need to make a plan so I'm not wasting time or money, also I would like to get rid of this guilt. She asked me if I've prayed about it. Well, hello again! I've been praying about it for years! Then she …

Water slides

If the water slide hasn't been watered in advance the drop starts out exciting but near the bottom it becomes sticky and painful. It's all a fast motion but in the end the water feels refreshing and somehow it's all worth it.


Photo by: Caressa Rogers
Last night I tip-toed to the boat house, grabbed 9 life jackets, threw them in a boat and drove around the sandbar to the canoe dock that hides in the trees on the back side of the bay. I waited at the dock and ten minutes later a cabin full of girls ran down the steps toward the boat with a staff member behind them telling them that they were breaking camp rules and if they left camp their parents would be notified. The girls piled in without a chance to think twice and when I told them I had never driven a boat before, panicked faces began searching for help. When I stopped the boat in the middle of the lake, Chelsey Blaser and I counted to three and yelled, "Got ya!" The sighs of relief were loud and laughter carried across the water. It's nice to have the joke called out and brought into view, such a relief. I'm ready for someone to announce that I've been pranked, that this mess is organized, and that my life is under control.