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Say Something Nice

What a great idea, huh? Everyone is so happy!

River of Blood

Today, fall feels like it's just around the corner. I love the fall, the colors of the leaves, the stillness of the mornings, and the crisp air. But, I can't help but wonder if the trees feel as thin and sickly as they look after their leaves have fallen. Somehow, they must know that there's hope for new growth again. It's that feeling of knowing there is something more, a greater purpose, a fuller self, not so sickly and thin looking. Somehow the leaves always grow back, bringing a happier, healthier looking tree. They must have some strong blood running through their veins that keep them strong and full of life. I want some of that blood in my veins. Come on heart, pump whatcha got!

Curry and Chana

This morning as I ran around the second corner on the left side of camp on Hayden Lake Road I smelled an awful smell, but it was so familiar. I remember, I'd run to the back of the house where the door opened into the room we called the "kitchen". Every open surface had dirty dishes, drying dishes, bowls of food, or left overs. The left overs always hid the top of the portable gas stove top with a spoon hanging out the side and a lid smashed on top to keep the bugs out. Amma always had the best curries and chana sitting around after parents of students would stop by to visit for a morning breakfast or afternoon lunch. She only made the best for her guests. And we were no longer guests after the first month, but her own daughters, and so ... her food ... our food. After class got out I ran to the back door, because I knew the guests would be gone by now. I took quick steps across the kitchen floor and barely lifted off the lid to get a huge spoonful of curry and shoved it…

Sailing Anyone?

After this week, today being Wednesday, leaving only two more work days left, I'll find out if I start classes on Monday at Whitman. If I have to leave camp early, who's going to finish my job? Or plan out the staff party at Priest? What about the books I just ordered to be sent here? Ah dang! Guess I didn't think that quite through. 
Not knowing what's going to happen is fun, but it means I can't have control. I know that's what I need though ... to be picked up and thrown onto an empty boat in the crashing waves of the deep blue sea, where I have no control. Maybe that's a tad bit dramatic, but something like that. 


I've been dreaming this morning. I want to live in a castle someday. With ALL the people I love. We'll eat together, work together, serve together, worship together, and be happy. This castle will do ...


Tonight, I sit in my office in the corner of the Cottonwood building by myself for the first night in weeks. Where is everyone? I kicked those loud boys out, so I could get some serious work done. The programming sheet for tomorrow, a petition for classes, and maybe just to have some peace and quiet without those loud, smelly boys. I do enjoy their company now and again, in fact, camp wouldn't be camp without them. I love going to bed at night knowing I'll see all of my friends/co-workers in the morning. We're here for each other and I like that. Maybe I should invite them back in and tell them how much I appreciate them... Nah! :) 

Blood Transfusions

Gianna was born with Thalassemia, a blood disorder that is hereditary in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin and results in excessive destruction of red blood cells. Within 4-10 weeks of birth she must have a blood transfusion, which her mother knew about all to well, because she suffered from the same disorder, as did her first daughter, Seleah. After 3 weeks Gianna was admitted into the Children's Hospital for her special blood transfusion with her mother at her side. The nurses took her fragile body and pinned her to the small bed and began sticking her smooth skin with needles. They went from one arm to the next and back again looking for an open vain to move the blood into. For forty minutes her mother, Annie, as anxious as ever, sat beside Gianna. Annie's eyes filled with tears as she watched her daughter suffer, and the moment her daughter caught her gaze, Annie began to bawl, "I'm so sorry, baby. But this must be done. I just wish they could ge…

Camp as a teacher

Going into week 9 at camp and I haven't been more excited about camp all summer. Funny, because just a few short weeks ago I would talk with Caressa and Eric, my office mates, and tear up every time I'd talk about my regret for becoming Programming Director.  It's difficult for me to look at the big picture, as it is for many people, but one day someone pointed out the bigger picture,

"Tina, what would you want to be doing if you weren't at camp?" 
Sheesh, there's a HUGE list of things I could think of. I'd love to read, swim, sleep, hammock, run, bake, wakeboard, hang with friends, and so the list goes on, 
but what would I be doing if I weren't at camp? 
I thought. Hmm, working somewhere else ... and wishing I were at camp, probably. 
So why have I been wishing I were somewhere else?

We've learned that a lot of it has to do with our personalities. We've taken personality tests and researched our personality types. I'm learning a lot about …