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Don't you know we want to laugh We want to laugh from our bellies till we cry. We also want to cry, Cry so hard together that our tears become a single stream. Do you know that we want to ask questions Asking questions to understand the words that were never said. Did you know our dreams make a braid of bright, bold, and daring Tightly woven into a contagious flu? We want to embrace for no reason and every reason.  We want to talk about anything and nothing. Didn't you know we want to ache, We want to know loss and emptiness Because we want to also know joy in full. Did you know we want to make noise, go out with a bang, But we want to be still and hear the beating of our own drum. What we need and what we want we don't know,  But we know we are creatures craving contradiction. 

358 days left to stay

To stay is a false hope. Nothing stays anymore. Everything coming and going like the sun and the moon. Like bell bottoms and skinny jeans. They're hot then their not. Like my bikini bod and my busy bod. Ebbing and flowing like 23 to 24 to 25 to 26, a stark contrast to a seven year-old who wishes to blink to 16 and operate on her own agenda.

Already one week in to 26 and it's around to stay for another 358 days. I'm getting comfy in these digits. Good things come in 25's like quarters and gift cards, but better things come in 26's like 26 third graders, and 26 mile races, or 26 mile backpacking trips, and 26 friends in a one-mile radius, and 26 papers left to write before graduation. 
I never thought it would be so easy to slide into such tight digits, but here it is. 20 something never felt so great. This may be the best year yet and I doubt if anything will ever beat it.