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A couple of weeks ago I had Positive Life Radio playing in my car for the two minute drive from my small studio house to WWU's School of Education. They were interviewing, guest, Bob Goff who recently released his book, Love Does. When I tuned into the interview Bob was talking about this thing he does called, "quit-something-Thursday." He quits something every Thursday to simplify his life, clear out junk to do make room for the meaningful things. He was on the board of some non-profit organization and called them up one Thursday to tell them he quit because it was quit-something-Thursday. "If you're in a bad relationship call the person and tell them you're done, 'It's quit-something-Thursday and I quit you.'" The first thing I wanted to quit was school, it's stressful, time consuming, busy, never-ending, not where I want to be right now, but also not something I can quit right now. So instead I quit speeding that Thursday in hopes to …


The sky is the limit Early morning thunder tore the sky open Rain came down in buckets Now, the sky is the limit. The sky is the limit