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I believe that in this very fragmented world we live exists goodness, peace and love.

I believe that there isn't a more secure companion than the broken heart, but there is no better counteract-ant than a trusty side-kick with widespread arms.
I believe in a single ray's undeclared revelation through sunrise. 
And that even the dullest roses and lilies will turn any frown into a smile. 
I believe the mountain top is the drawbridge to heaven. And geese are more reliable than any GPS.
I believe sleep and water are the best cure for any ailment.
I believe muscle exhibits larger numbers on the scale than body fat, therefore I am strong.
I believe I am fearfully and wonderfully made, great are His plans.
An open door to a closet whispers secrets, and any bathroom countertop can be read like a textbook. 
True love doesn't draw lines, it erases them. 

Emotions are the colors of the soul.

Fear is the root of all evil, the root of all pain, and all too often the root of most all we do. 


A mid-summer run down ...


Messy and Misunderstood

The other night a group of us played a game that I'm all too familiar with. The messy tug-of-war battle begins in me every time the playing cards are handed out. The Ace cards representing each member of the murdering mafia, the Queen card is in the care of the one and only Dr. Quinn, the King card lies in the hands of the brave police officer, and every other numbered card signifies each misunderstood citizen. In the past I've been known to open the floodgates of tears during a stressful situation, or release steam out my ears when I've been betrayed. It's a game of bluffing and deceiving, and essentially inviting immorality into a circle of chums. A game I have yet to determine it's value. It's invigorating, no doubt, but afterwards I feel cheated, betrayed, violated, disrespected and absolutely no sort of unity or love towards my fellow groupies. But this time these feelings which erupted through my motions, language, and facial expressions seemed much too f…