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Just a Funk

I just got a call from India, maybe 2 minutes ago. It rings once, then flashes "1 Missed Call". This is how cell phones work in India. "1 Missed Call" means: call me, come over, I'm ready, message me, I need you, or where are you? I like that. If I had a charged phone card I would be on the phone right now.

Today has made me funky, maybe it was the unplanned weather or the chaotic meal schedule. I'm not sure. I'm not ready to let it die, but I'm too tired to keep it. I want to call it back and give it "1 Missed Call".

3 L's

"Starting today,  Learn more, Laugh more and do what you truly  LOVE to do ..."

This was on a birthday card I got today. Lately I've been having these whack-o dreams about dying young. I hope it's not a sign or something. What I'm thinking is that maybe I've been holding back from doing what I really love and that's why these dreams have been haunting me. So today I'm doing what I love, maybe it will turn these nightmares into something good. Turning off my computer early. Taking my sleeping bag outside. Then waking up for a sunrise. Do something you love too!

22, 22, 22


The Tulips

It's raining today.
The flowers must be appreciating, you think?
What if the rain decided not to fall today
because the flowers weren't bright enough,
appreciating enough,
or it just wasn't in the mood enough.
If the rain wanted to take a sick day
or stay in it's silver-lined cloud of selfishness,
would the flowers shout in resentment?
Or cry in their abandonment?
Maybe that's why it always falls
afraid to test the flowers,
acquire a selfish repute,
or watch the country decay.

Shake The Dust

Yesterday I watched as two third grade boys, Zach and Wyatt, pushed each other back and forth on the tire mound at recess. At first it was a little push, just what boys do because they're boys, but not much longer after that it became real pushing. So I called their names and from the second they heard me they dropped their heads and trudged their way to where I was standing. Wyatt started first before I asked a question, "Can you tell Zach to stop following me and attacking me, he's being annoying me and following me everywhere I go." So I looked to Zach for an explanation, but there was nothing. "Zach," I said, "why were you and Wyatt hitting each other?" "We were playing, but then he got mad and pushed me hard,  but I didn't mean to do anything." Wyatt started again with a defense before my mouth could open to talk to him. "I didn't get a lot of sleep last night... that's why I'm kinda grumpy. We drove to The Dall…

Spring Quarter Begins

The saying has gone around a few times, "Open heart, open mind". But I never had the reason or motivation to practice this mantra. I've always been one to have an open mind - Chocolate is good for the heart, twenty second rules and recess IS a subject. - But I'm learning that open hearts are rare and beautiful. Beautiful because they are humbling, accepting, and so gentle. Rare, not only because they are difficult to keep up, but because they're so beautiful. Here are some open hearts and open minds. Ladies whom I admire and respect. My small group has become my retreat over the year. They understand, they listen, and they pray. Love them!

 Tonight, I'm climbing into my brand new Marmot sleeping bag that I got in the mail today, hoping it will soothe my anxiety. There's an escaped convict in my neighborhood and I'm nervous to be home alone, but this is one of those times I need to do what my heart does well: ignore my fears, be strong and independent.…

Our Father who art...

My Abba-papa, your name is so good to call on, comforting, and so Holy
And you've let your Kingdom live in me.
Guide me today so I may be content everywhere I go.
You constantly assure me that your love for me is greater than anything in this world.
Teach me to love others the way you love me.
May I follow you and call only on you forever
Because I am yours, and Your desire is for me. 
Luke 11:2-4