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Through the glare of the windshield I wince at the red lights that bring me to a halt. I turn down the music that hums my favorite playlist titled "Girls" because the braking in front of me consumes my attention. Not only are the cars parked one second, then lunging forward the next, but my bladder has been pulsing since before I began the journey causing my focus to multi-task on internal and external factors, too many distractions for my one-track mind. As I watch the exits pass slowly, I consider the possibility that the distractions around me would cause me to lose focus on my final exit. It's happened before, when I've missed my exit, and it's added hours to previous trips. But somehow everything always works out. I make it to my destination sometimes later than sooner, but like they say, "Better late than never." I'd like to think that I won't lose my focus this time, that I'll take the right exit, that eventually I'll slow down on…

MA 101

Here's my MA 101 file coming up. Soon this morning I'm heading off for a meeting with an administrator at one of the pubic high school's in Riverside, CA. It's about a 30 minute drive in the morning through traffic, but quite frankly I enjoy the solitude I've found there. I'm taking a course about administration in the K-12 levels. I've learned a lot. There are two things I keep reflecting upon, which the professor and fellow classmates have so graciously unveiled my eyes to see. One: I need more years of teaching experience to fully grasp and understand the nitty-gritty of the school system. Two: anything and everything decided upon by administration must be aligned with the students higher learning. Class keeps me driving, holds my attention, and I'm excited for what will result from this new database of knowledge. 
Apart from class and school, I am currently living with two of girl friends from high school. We met at my junior year and have grown clo…