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Sweeter than honey

As I treaded the shattered rocks over the lonely ridge I heard a soft whisper. On my left tucked back into a clouded crevasse was a giant glacier pouring out into a puddle of a lake, opening it up was a cold antarctic breeze. And on my right there seemed to be some kind of tropical getaway, the kind a young couple might retreat to with warm sand, crystal water and green fruit trees.

The clouds had dove in toward me as I climbed the ridge and the mist sprayed the front of me lightly, one side as icy as the arctic and the other a warm breeze through the trees. Through the air I could still hear the soft whisper in front of me. As I followed it, the nonsense it mumbled began to form definite phrases. It called me down from the top of the ridge into the tropical getaway. I scrambled down the rocks into the thick forest. It was impossible to ignore, just like the wind filling a sail, the whisper filled me and pushed me head on. When I arrived to the source my body froze from the coolness …

The View

The other day during lunch with Lindsay, Nate and Coto we were recounting unexpected events from over the years. We all shared our reflections and I mentioned to the group that this may be be the first thing I ask God about when I get to heaven, these unexpected, path bending occurrences. There were a few chuckles and Nate kindly intervened, "I don't think that's something we'll even think about." And after thinking about it more, he may have something there. In all His majestic wonder I doubt I will want to know why this one thing happened, this one time. But eventually? Or maybe we won't need to know, the enchantment will be so real.

With few hours left before departing this part of Argentina that has been a home for almost 3 months it's hard not to wonder why I came here, or why now.  A year ago I was finishing finals, saying goodbye to friends, co-workers, and employees and packing my things for Argentina only to be set back. This experience, 9 months…