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Their parents broke up after 25 plus years because he wanted something else.

Her parents are arguing over finances and are living in different places now.
His parents lost their lives to cancer within two years of one another.
Their cousin was killed in an accident weeks after she gave her life to Him.
Her dad was in an accident when she was 6 and she never really got to know him. His dad was an alcoholic and beat him.
They're adopted.
She's abandoned.
He's rejected.
105 stories like these. We have the same visions and goals. To show them what we have seen. Give them what we've been given. For them to experience what we have experienced. To feel the love that we felt. He is real.
Those stories are here. I know them. I feel for them. They are MY brothers and sisters. They can be heard and understood, because we have the same focus. Welcome to camp. What's your story?

Camp is here!

It's good to be back at camp. Better than I had expected. We've been busy writing skits, organizing storage closets, cleaning out the prop shed, setting up the office, meeting new staff, assigning jobs, casting dramas, searching for material, ordering material, and finding the best ways to communicate our ideas with others. I forgot how much work it is, the late nights and early mornings, the lack of socializing and the overwhelming amount of responsibility. There's something about being exhausted that breaks bodies down to be open and vulnerable. Tonight, I'm exhausted. My body has been deeply questioning for the past few months and tonight enough of my body broke down to ask questions. In our small group we approached an idea of being angry with God. Is it okay? We agreed that it is good and often times, necessary. Then I got to thinking more, so I asked my group if any of them have actually been angry with God, or if it's just something they've heard about f…


I walked out of my last final tonight and held my book high above my head. Yahoo! I ran across the empty street to Jacque's house to share the joy of being finished. I passed a boy who stared as I walked by maybe because I looked like I was going to slam my book to the ground, I wanted to, but I also just wanted to throw it up to the sky. I did a little "done" dance too ... Ah, done. Done, done, done! The sun was falling back behind the trees, making its way to dip under the hills. Walla Walla sunsets are the best in the world. So I ran home, tied up my running shoes, and ran as fast as I could to the wheat fields to watch the pink sun go away for one last time until next year. After an hour, I went back home and read a chapter in my new book I got for my birthday in April that I haven't had time to read, and now I have time to surf through blogs. Ah, yes! Tomorrow is our last day of school in my 3rd and 4th grade classroom too, so we're having a party! Boy, I…

First day of finals week

Today I'm making anyone who can sit in one place for more than 30 minutes look successful. I've got butterflies in my stomach that are keeping me from sitting still. Test anxiety, end of year excitement, summer fever (uh ... spring fever, rather), and I need to get outside and move, but it's RAINING, go figure. Get me outta here! 

Go girl, go!

P to the R to the O to the U to the D. So proud of my sister today, who graduated from UCA today with high honors, she's a powerful spiritual leader, crazy and funny, writes her own music, leads a choir, stars in a movie, and is friends with everyone she knows. The coolest girl I know. 

What's even better?  We're living together next year!  Watch out town! Here we come!