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Make it Count

You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough. - Mae West
This morning is beautiful. I'm not wearing a jacket to class, the sun is peaking through the clouds, trees are budding, the fields are turning green, flowers are being planted all over campus, people are running, biking, and walking (which I can do now too!) AND I'm leaving in two days for the UCC Teen Pathfinder rock climbing trip. Mmm.

Last fall I joined the Pathfinders for their mountain biking event. I was in a pretty low valley at that point in life and I begged my friend Emily to join me. I was surprised when she agreed, but not really too surprised because it was such a last minute decision and those are the best times to make decisions - last minute - those times really count. It was most likely the funnest trip I've been on all year (plus it was so HC). And so I'm super pumped for this next trip. I like mountain biking, but I love rock climbing! Whoo!

More news - I'm going back to camp t…

Soft Animals

You do not have to be good.                                                                        You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your bodylove what it loves.
- M. Oliver

I remember talking to one of my best friends about this particular quote last year, about this time, spring quarter. We had similar, yet quite different, methods of worshiping. And this was the quote my friend used when she explained her loved opinion of worshipping. And as I grow older, I continue to have more experiences that reinforce this rich quote and make me to love it all the more. Simply: Let your body love what it loves. Today I reminded myself of this many, many times. Too many times.

Rainy Portland

I was on the phone with my mom this morning while driving around rainy Portland. She answered the phone with a scratchy voice that sounded like mine and she told me she had finished some FAFSA stuff, was working on registering my brother for his Junior year of high school, and had been in touch with insurance companies, the hospital, and Sky High (the trampoline place). When she told me she had called Sky High to get a copy of the waiver they made me sign 40 minutes before that place ruined my life I was so mad. Mad like when the blood rushes to your head and hot tears steam out your eyeballs. Mom, I said, let me call 'em. I'll give 'em a piece a my mind. And it's been 3 months since my accident, I'm still raving. I think it's about time to move on. But I should know better, that broken hearts don't heal themselves. And mine broke into a bagillion pieces that day. I hate being all mushy gushy, but honesty is powerful, and so this is straight up.

On a lighte…