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A pot of rice

It's been a while. I suppose I've been distracted, light, happy, warm, and many of those good things that came with that California sunshine and my pantry-bedroom in June. It seems like fall has been over-nighted to this little town as I awoke to fog, and the sight of dried leaves outside my window that crunched as I walked to my car. Not only does it look like fall, but somewhere inside I can feel that fall is here. 
This afternoon faded quickly into evening as I sat on the couch peering out our cheap vinyl shades in between chapters of Childhood in World History in attempt to finish the book in time for my favorite class that meets tomorrow afternoon. As I look up to see the sun disappearing I can smell dinner boiling on the stove. Saffron rice will be the dish for the evening since studying can't happen without some kind of kitchen concoction, er, distraction. I know I need to get up and check on it, perhaps stir it to see that the bottom hasn't burned, but there…