the packaging

The first day of school is right around the corner and I doubt our education system. With every passing year the organization and scheduling becomes easier and more defined. The outline of our curriculum becomes stronger. And our boundaries are more blunt. I doubt this is the best. Actually, I am convinced that this is worst thing we can do for our kids. We teach them the right ways, we keep them from the wrong ways, and we manipulate their thoughts to be like ours.

"Think outside the box!" We demand, but we provide examples and books on how to think outside the box.

"The sky is the limit!" or "Shoot for the stars!" But what's beyond?

"Use your imagination!" And they ask, "What is imagination?"

What we really mean is, "Here are the boxes kids, now package all your thoughts into these boxes. If they don't fit, manipulate them until they do, transform your thoughts and ideas to fit into these boxes of our society. Then create your best for the world! You got it!"

It's no wonder our children have so many learning disorders. How can a child created in God's uncontainable image possibly fit into our frivolous boxes?

It's no wonder our children doubt in the Omnipotent. Which box can He be packaged into?

I can't teach like this anymore. Forget English Language Arts if all I teach are the boxes of grammar and proficient writing, what writing is or isn't, who they can or can't be, and who God is or isn't.  I can't be the origin of their rigid boxes. I won't be their stumbling block, Lord help me.

In two years I must teach them the unmaking of the box. There is no box that we can package our God into. He is the original platform for which we learn and do, He has no box and does not require us to fit into a box.

There is no height, nor depth that can separate us from God's love. -Romans 8:39

My thoughts are not your thoughts, and My ways are not your ways, says the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways. -Isaiah 55:8-9


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